Employment Contract


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  Party B:


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  According to the Labor Law of PRC China, Party A and Party B agree as follows:

  一、合同期限 Contract Period

  本合同期______年__ 月 __日起至______年 ___月___日或本合同约定终止条件出现时止。

  This agreement is valid from (Y/M/D) until (Y/M/D) or terminated by either party

  二、工作内容和工作时间 Responsibility & working hours

  1. 甲方聘请乙方担任 部门 职务,详见职务说明书。

  Party B's Department: Party B's position:

  Please refer to the job description for details.

  2. 乙方须完成甲方安排的生产(工作)任务

  Party B must accomplish his/her regular work and additional assignments on time

  3. 每天工作8小时,每周工作共40小时。

  There are 8 working hours a day, 40 working hours a week.

  4. 甲方如因业务拓展变化需要对乙方的工作岗位及工作区域进行调整,乙方应当接受。如因甲方公司业务扩展需要或公司合并分立等变更,乙方同意按照法律规定延续此合同,并接受甲方安排,在____(某地区)工作。

  If Party A needed to adjust Party B‘s position and working area for business development variety, Party B should accept it.

  三、工资 Salary

  乙方每月的基本工资:RMB 绩效工资:RMB 综合福利金:RMB ,工资总额为RMB 元(该金额尚未扣除税金、住房费用以及社会保险中个人应缴的部份),另甲方予以乙方工资总额7%的住房公积金(如法律规定住房公积金缴交基数有上限,则依照法规执行)试用期满,经考核后,根据考核结果确定是否正式录用,正式录用后薪金保持不变。甲方将视公司的盈利情况和乙方的考核结果,于每年的三月份进行薪金调整。

  Party B's monthly total revenue (before the deduction of tax, housing fund, social insurance paid by individual) each month would be RMB______ , including base wage RMB______ performance salary RMB_______and social welfare RMB______, And Party A will offer Party B 7% housing fund base on the total revenue, or any upper limit set by the local authority, whichever is the lower. After probation total revenue would be unchanged. Party B's salary will be reviewed annually in March and adjusted in light of Party B's performance and prevailing conditions.

  四、工资的发放 Payment


  Salary will be paid to Party B's account by T/T before the ____th of the following month.

  五、超时工作 Over Time


  Party B must try his best to increase the working efficiency to meet Party A's requirement. If there are special circumstances that Party B has to work overtime, Party B can arrange by themselves. If Party B requests OT payment, he/she must fill in the OT application form and have it approved by GM. OT Application Form without authorized signature is not valid.

  六、加班费 OT Compensation


  If Party B works over time and has approved by Party A, he/she will be offered the same period of compensation leave or OT salary according to Labor Law of PRC China.

  七、假期与福利 Holiday & Benefits

  1. 有薪国家法定假日 Statutory Holiday of PRC China with pay

  2. 有薪婚假/产假/丧假 Leave for Marriage, Maternity and Mourning with pay.

  3. 有薪年假 Annual leave with pay

  4. 社会保险 Social Insurance

  5. 年度奖金Annual bonus (based on the months worked with party A at the rate of one month‘s wage for each full year worked. )

  详情请参照《员工手册》Please refer to Party A's employee manual for detail info.

  八、劳动纪律 Discipline


  Party B shall strictly obey Party A‘ regulations and discipline. Please refer to Party A's employee manual.

  九、保密协议 Confidentiality


  The recipient shall undertake the obligation to keep confidential, in accordance with the scope and duration agreed upon by both parties, the technical secrets contained in the technology provided by the supplier, which have not been made public.

  十、合同终止 Termination

  1. 终止本合同条件 Termination conditions

  A. 试用期间,双方皆可即时通知对方解除本合同;

  During the probation period, either side can terminate the contract by immediate effect.

  B. 试用期满后,任何一方欲解除合同,须提前三十日以书面形式通知对方。否则,违约方须向守约方支付违约金(违约金为乙方一个月的工资),若造成守约方经济损失的,应依法承担赔偿责任。

  Either side can terminate the contract by giving 30 days notice in written form after probation period.

  2. 甲方在下列情况下可随时直接地通知乙方解除本合同,无须履行任何法定义务和手续,无须向乙方补偿If any case of the following circumstances, Party A has the right to inform Party B rescission of the contract:

  A. 乙方在试用期间达不到甲方的要求;Party B‘s performance can’t meet Party A‘s requirement.

  B. 乙方严重失职,给甲方利益造成重大损失的;

  The other party has breached the contract, to the extent that such breach has seriously affected the economic benefits expected when concluding the contract

  C. 违反甲方有关规定,应予开除的,详情请参照《员工手册》执行。The condition agreed on in the Party A's employee manual for rescission of the contract has arisen

  3. 乙方在下列情况下终止本合同不需向甲方补偿

  If any one of the following circumstances, Party B has the right of inform Party A rescission of the contract without any compensation:

  A. 被非法限制人身自由的手段强迫劳动的;

  Party B is forced to work by illegal means.

  B. 未按本合同约定支付劳动报酬或劳动条件的;

  Party B cannot get the salary or working conditions which agreed in the contract.


  Both Party A and Party B shall obey the related regulation of PRC China and Party A's employee manual.


  This contract shall come into effect since both sides sign their names.


  N.B. In case of divergence, the Chinese texts shall be regarded as authentic. Two originals, one for Party A, the other one for Party B.

  甲、乙双方签署同意以上条款The above terms is agreed by:

  甲方(Party A) 签署日期(Date)

  乙方(Party B) 签署日期(Date)


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